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Axcess Financial Announces Partnership with LoanPro

By November 9, 2020No Comments

Improving Data Visibility & Loan Workflow Automation is Key to Customer Success

FARMINGTON, Utah, Nov 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Axcess Financial, a customer-focused lending company, today announced its new partnership with LoanPro, and enterprise loan management software company.

This new partnership aligns Axcess Financial’s tech-forward vision with LoanPro’s proven lending platform, designed to empower lenders through loan workflow automation and improved data visibility.

“Axcess Financial is continuing to invest in the future of our business through a partnership with LoanPro. Our legacy loan management systems are being replaced, streamlining our technology systems from 4 to 1. One of the main reasons we selected LoanPro was the ability to offer a seamless transition, an increase in capabilities, and the unification of our lending processes across the board. As a financial services organization, we are a highly regulated industry and LoanPro is critical in offering the infrastructure needed for our legal and compliance teams to conduct the necessary and required audits. LoanPro will play an important role in the organization’s continued success, creating a seamless experience for our customers and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our teams.”

– Ken Judd, Axcess Financial Chief Financial Officer

“We are pleased to partner with Axcess Financial and look forward to all of the ways they will leverage LoanPro’s API-based, configuration-first technology to lend, service, and collect. At the end of the day, it is all about improving the customer’s borrowing experience. We are honored to be working with Axcess Financial to achieve their customer-focused vision.”

– Lloyd Roberts, LoanPro co-founder & CRO

About Axcess Financial

Axcess Financial provides support for innovative credit solutions that empower customers to manage their personal finances when, where and how they want. It’s our mission to get people the money they need when they need it. We make sure we do so in a way that is responsible and within their means. We serve the hardworking people who have experienced life’s unpredictable moments. With the right financial solution, they are able to pay their bills, make life a little more manageable or maybe even ease a little stress. Unlike many traditional financial institutions, we offer consumers a place to turn when they need a fast, simple, safe, and nonjudgmental way to cover their money needs.

To learn more about Axcess Financial, visit us at

About LoanPro – Lend | Service | Collect

LoanPro offers the only truly API-based, mid-market & enterprise Loan Management Software in the US/Canadian marketplace. LoanPro is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) “the cloud” and is designed to streamline both loan servicing and loan collections workflows. Lenders enjoy increased transparency, control, flexibility, real-time database access, calculation accuracy, and scalability, all on a PCI, SOC I, & SOC II certified platform.

$13.5B+ Under Management | $350M+ Monthly Payments | 3.25M+ loans | 15K+ Users

For more information on LoanPro, visit us at | (800) 559-4776

Lloyd Roberts, CRO

(800) 559-4776 ext: 707