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LendingTree Awards $10,000 Prize to Innovative Assessments For Winning LEND360 Startup Innovators Program

By October 9, 2018October 24th, 2018No Comments

CHICAGO, IL – LEND360 in partnership with LendingTree honored Innovative Assessments with a $10,000 prize for winning the Startup Innovators Program during the LEND360 conference in Chicago, IL on October 9, 2018.  The LEND360 Startup Innovators Program is an annual competition hosted on-site at LEND360 where fintech startups are given the opportunity to impress members of the LEND360 judging panel and compete for a cash prize.


The judges unanimously declared Innovative Assessments this year’s winner after presentations from four companies on the LEND360 Innovation Floor Spotlight Stage.  Innovative Assessments impressed judges with their data-driven approach to lending and opportunity to grow in both domestic and international markets.

“As the desire to enter the fintech space continues to heat up, LEND360’s Startup Innovators Program highlights startup companies’ crucial part of the fintech ecosystem, bringing new and innovative thinking to the industry,” said Bruce Cook of LendingTree.

Saul Fine, CEO and Chief Scientist of Innovative Assessments, said “We are proud of the contribution we are trying to bring to the industry, and we are extremely honored and humbled for this tremendous recognition by Lend360 and LendingTree.”

Innovative Assessments uses psychometrics to assess creditworthiness based on a borrower’s personal character. They help lenders from around the world approve more loans among the underbanked and help more people qualify for affordable credit.

Competitors of the Startup Innovators Program included:

  • TabaPay: TabaPay offloads PCI scope from merchant applications & call center while providing enhanced fraud reduction tools and procedures that reduce and eliminate chargebacks. Innovative APIs give valuable tools to Lenders with the card type, fees and capability known prior to collection/disbursement.
  • Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter helps employers attract college-educated talent by administering student loan assistance programs.
  • QCash Financial: QCash Financial is bringing to market technology solutions that enable financial institutions, create more financial inclusion. The initial product, QCash, is a digital small dollar, short term credit lending platform that enables financial institutions to sustainably re-capture customers from high-price lenders, lend to the credit invisible and positively impact their communities.

Members of the LEND360 judging panel included:

  • Bruce Cook, LendingTree
  • Sasha Grutman, Middlemarch Partners
  • Randy Rivera, FinTex
  • Avery Stone Fish, Chicago Innovation

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LEND360 is the online lending conference for the industry, by the industry. Each year, members of the fintech ecosystem come together for three days to network, collaborate and solve business challenges. From banks to consumer, small business and marketplace lenders to service partners including credit bureaus, payment processors and advertising/marketing companies, the entire online lending industry is represented at LEND360.

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