Startup Innovators

Welcome to the LEND360 Startup Innovators Program

The LEND360 Startup Innovators Program is an on-site competition where fintech startups present cutting-edge solutions to propel the online lending ecosystem forward.

As the desire to enter the fintech space continues to heat up, these startup organizations are a crucial part of the fintech ecosystem, bringing new and innovative thinking to our industry.

The selected winner will receive a $10,000 prize from our sponsor, LendingTree.

As a competition participant, you will:

Present solutions on the LEND360 Innovation Floor Spotlight Stage at the Sheraton Grand Chicago.

Take approximately five minutes to make your company pitch, followed by a brief Q&A session with the judges, all leaders in Fintech.

After the competition, you will:

Have your presentation judged by industry experts and members of the LEND360 Investor Advisory Committee.

Winner announcement:

The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, October 10, and will present their solution on the mainstage in front of fintech decisionmakers and LEND360 attendees.

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