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The Road Forward for Banks and FinTechs Track (2024)

By July 2, 2024No Comments
  • Avoiding Pitfalls and Building Strong Partnerships: The current environment places intense scrutiny on the management of bank/fintech partnerships, with significant risks if the relationship is not established and managed properly. Learn from experts what has changed in the landscape for bank/fintech agreements in recent years and the latest intel on what both banks and fintechs look for in new partners. Expert panelists will share some of the key best practices for pilot programs, partnership integration, clarifying responsibilities, making corrections and winding down.


  • Open Banking and Reusable Identity: Accelerate KYC and Identity Verification to Light Speed: The move to Open Banking has made Universal API-based bank access a future certainty. For online lenders, this means an exponential acceleration in consumer lending and money movement in near real-time. But how do you meet these expectations with current KYC and IDV processes? Reusable Identity technology, in combination with a Banking API, can remove friction points during the KYC and IDV processes, making disbursement post-approval nearly instantaneous. Learn about how the growing adoption of digital identity and verifiable credentials globally will make these processes work better for you.


  • Harnessing the Power of AI for Enhanced Customer Experience: Generative AI is enabling bank/fintech partnerships to reach and serve new consumers. This session dives into how banks and fintechs can leverage AI safely and securely to provide gratifying customer experiences. Our panel of experts will discuss how AI is revolutionizing customer service, from reliable self-service options to efficient complaint investigation and resolution, augmenting existing processes to protect not only the banks and fintechs but also the consumers. Join us as we explore the applied use of AI in customer support and compliance operations, alongside the inherent risks of AI and strategies to mitigate them effectively.


  • Revolutionizing Lending: How Fintech-Bank Partnerships Drive Innovation, Growth, and Resilience: Discover how fintech and bank partnerships are revolutionizing the lending industry by attracting more borrowers and building resilient loan portfolios. This session will explore how advanced technologies like big data and AI enhance risk assessment, enabling better credit scoring and quicker decision-making. By reaching underserved markets and providing seamless, user-friendly platforms, these collaborations not only expand the borrower base but also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Innovative financial products, operational efficiency through automation, and streamlined compliance and security measures further strengthen these partnerships. Participants will gain insights into the strategic advantages of fintech-bank collaborations, and learn practical approaches to leveraging technology for growth. Learn about actionable strategies to enhance customer experience and foster long-term resilience in loan portfolios.


  • Digital & Innovation Priorities for Regional & Community Financial Institutions: The pace of digital innovation offers both opportunities and risks for regional and community financial institutions across lending, payments, fraud, data management, and more. This panel will explore banker perspectives on which digital capabilities offer the most promise for performance impact, what client segment needs are imperative to address, how effective institutions prioritize roadmap initiatives and overcome obstacles to success.