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Evolving Trends in Payments and Collections Track (2024)

By July 2, 2024No Comments
  • Closing the Technology Gap in the Collections Space: From snail mail to the phone to email and beyond: collections technology is rapidly evolving, making conventional systems obsolete. Now comes the most transformative technology in recent times: Artificial Intelligence. If you think AI is just for generating leads, you need to attend this session to learn how this new tech is transforming collections and nearly every other aspect of our business. Learn how to maximize AI in a time of tightening compliance requirements, changing consumer behavior, growing data breaches and tighter labor markets.


  • Portfolio Performance Through Payment Optimization: Payment acceptance is the critical lifeblood of commerce. But without a solid strategy for implementation and deployment, your portfolio won’t succeed. Join this session to learn how payment acceptance processes impact borrowers, lenders, your teams and, most of all, your bottom line. This session will delve into how payment optimization impacts every aspect of modern-day lending, from onboarding to collections. Join our panel of lending payment experts who will leave you better equipped to identify the right payment strategy for your company.


  • Maximizing Your Returns: Strategies for Increasing Debt Sale Prices: With delinquencies and charge-offs reaching a 12-year high, consumer debt is piling up, leaving many lenders in uncharted territory when it comes to liquidating charged-off accounts. Selling non-performing loans compliantly is a crucial component of many creditors’ recovery strategy. In this session, industry experts will share proven strategies to boost your debt sale prices and achieve higher returns on your non-performing loans (NPLs). Discover how the strategic selection of accounts, optimal timing of your debt sales and a better understanding of the broader macroeconomic landscape can significantly impact your net revenue. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to learn how to maximize the value of your debt portfolio.


  • Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater: Exploring Ways Your Vendors Can Help Grow Your Business: Cultivating a circle of trusted vendors is key to a lender’s ability to successfully receive timely payments and foster customer satisfaction. But vendors can do much more than help your day-to-day processes. By helping you explore future growth opportunities and identifying emerging risks, vendors can help you grow your portfolio for the long term. This panel will discuss trusted strategies to turn vendors from transactional contractors to strategic partners.


  • Building for the Long Haul: The Next Challenge for Better Payments Infrastructure: FedNow has pushed payment technology into a new era. But even as banks remain laser-focused on real-time operations, hurdles remain with adapting legacy processes to the new innovation. This panel will examine the state of play with FedNow, strategies for making the most of payment acceleration, and opportunities for a more inclusive financial system as infrastructure improvements become more widespread.