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How Data and Analytics are Changing the Fintech Landscape Track (2024)

By July 10, 2024No Comments
  • Innovations in Customer Acquisitions: In an era where consumer touchpoints are multiplying, it’s never been more critical to understand the nuances of customer acquisition and how to engage with consumers on all channels. Hear from a panel of LEND360 experts as they evaluate evolving trends, regulatory developments, and the ever-changing customer acquisition landscape. Gain insight into innovative engagement tools like voice technology, untapped data, and lead generation. Learn how to cut through the advertising noise and engage your target audience in ways that bring results.


  • Talk Smart: Transforming Customer Service with ChatGPT and AI – Implementation Masterclass: AI is everywhere these days – including in fintech. Explore the current capabilities of AI and learn how to harness it for enhanced customer interactions and improved workflow efficiency. Our expert panel will share how you can adopt AI seamlessly, ensuring optimal integration and significant performance boosts.


  • AI FOMO: Is Your AI Roadmap Delayed? How to Get Back on Track: Every financial services company out there is rolling out AI for marketing, underwriting, and customer servicing. But some are moving faster than others. Why do some companies have a smooth lift off and others get stuck on the launchpad? In this session, a panel of AI experts will dissect why AI rollouts get delayed and share firsthand accounts about how you can accelerate and win the AI race.


  • Using Open Finance & APIs to Unlock New Revenue Streams: The Open Finance and API economies offer substantial commercial opportunities for stakeholders in the lending ecosystem. But with opportunity comes risk. This session explores how these stakeholders can develop winning strategies that unlock the power of APIs to generate new revenue.


  • The New Realities of Capital Markets’ Impact on Fintech: At times the equity and credit markets are fintech’s ally – and sometimes they feel like the enemy.  How should fintech companies think about capital for sustainable growth? Hear from a panel of experts who will assess the equity and credit market landscape and provide insights for 2025 capital planning.