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The Future of SMB Lending Track (2024)

By July 10, 2024No Comments
  • How a Digital-First Approach Drives Equitable Small Business Lending: Small businesses comprise more than 99 percent of total U.S. businesses and drive more than 40 percent of our GDP. But small entrepreneurs find it increasingly difficult to secure affordable credit. A recent survey revealed that nearly eight in 10 small business owners are worried about their ability to access capital; for businesses in underserved communities, the problems are far worse. This session will explore how to implement an equitable, digital-first approach to small business lending that meets a broad range of potential applicants, providing a clear understanding of the technology and tactics – like digital application processes, risk management tools, and more – that ensure your small business lending practices are fair.


  • AI-Driven Portfolio Monitoring: Balancing Efficiency and Ethics in Small Business Lending: As AI continues to transform the industry, its role in small business lending is growing exponentially. This panel will delve into the intersection of AI-driven portfolio monitoring and ethical lending practices, addressing how lenders can harness AI to enhance efficiency without compromising ethics. Learn how the latest AI technologies are being applied to portfolio monitoring, how these innovations improve decision-making, and the ethical considerations that lenders must take into account. Find out how AI can de-risk business portfolios through deeper data insights and performance indicators that inform both pre-funding and post-funding decisions. By tying portfolio performance to underwriting criteria, lenders can make more informed, risk-adjusted lending decisions before funding and adopt smart strategies to support borrowers post-funding. This session promises to provide actionable insights on balancing technological advancements with responsible lending practices, ensuring that AI serves as a force for good in the small business lending ecosystem.


  • The $1.4T SMB Lending Market is in Transition – How Will Modern Capital Providers Capture It?: SMBs represent the vast majority of businesses in the U.S., yet traditional lenders often overlook them. Thankfully, that’s starting to change. Hear from experts as they explore the forces behind the digitization of the SMB lending market. Learn how this evolving market is moving beyond traditional practices that rely on legacy systems and drawn-out loan approval times. Discover the attributes of specialty lenders in the fintech space who are harnessing AI, machine learning, and embedded finance to provide the flexible and fast capital solutions and 24/7 access that SMBs need.


  • Protecting the Interests of SMBs in Alternative Lending: Fintech SMB lending has opened access to capital for millions more small business owners over the past decade. But for small business owners who lack financial savvy, the pitfalls can be sizable and the protections few. What is the SMB lending ecosystem doing to look out for the best interests of small entrepreneurs? This panel will share insights into how financial education, internal controls, transparency, and communication can keep everyone in the ecosystem prosperous and safe.


  • Leveraging New Technologies to Expand Access in SMB Lending: Ensuring that lending decisions are uniquely priced benefits both the customer and the lender. Hear how technology experts in SMB lending are making efficient, risk-based financing decisions by using human-backed machine learning algorithms and analytics. Explore how you can utilize these new technologies to grow your business footprint in the SMB market.