August 2017 - LEND360

States are Key Players in Transforming the Consumer Lending Environment

By: Michael Day, LEND360 Policy Director

While the federal government gets most of the attention on the policy front, it might surprise you that in the past 12 months, almost a third of the states have passed more than 20 new laws that impact online lending. From loan caps and licensing to enhanced reporting and regulatory requirements, there has been a huge amount of change in consumer lending practices at the state level.  

Finance That Transforms Life

By: Ricardo Fernandez, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Prodigy Finance

 University students have a reputation for effecting change, and one of the most significant developments ever seen among tertiary students is underway right now. It’s happening with the support of the fintech sector.

Across the globe, a growing number of students are looking beyond the campuses of their own nations to secure a high-quality education that meets their long term ambitions. More importantly, many of these students are leaving homes in developing nations in search of a degree from a top-ranking global university.


 Dallas Welcomes the Fintech Industry at the4th Annual LEND360 Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 11–13, 2017

ARLINGTON, VA (August 1, 2017) —The 4th Annual LEND360, the go-to event for leaders in online lending, will be held October 11-13 at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Texas, particularly Dallas and Austin, is home to a rapidly expanding financial tech service sector, and is a fast-growing hub for startups and entrepreneurs. Texas is also known to be one of the most business-friendly states in the US making it a perfect backdrop for LEND360.