Prior to joining the Bob Riley staff, Dan also served for two years during the historic 104th Congress as the Legislative Director to former Congressman Bill Martini (R-NJ). Dan was responsible for the former federal prosecutor’s work on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Gans and Martini uncovered a HUD scandal that ended up being featured on NBC’s Fleecing of America. Gans also worked with Martini to re-write the federal law criminalizing false public statements to the Congress, which had been overturned by a Supreme Court decision. Bill Martini is currently a Federal District Court Judge in the Northern District of New Jersey. Dan began his Capitol Hill career in the fall of 1991 as intern for Congressman Alex McMillan (R-NC). In January of 1992 Dan was hired by Congressman Gary Franks (R-CT) as a Legislative Correspondent. Gans was quickly promoted to Legislative Assistant and left the office in January of 1994 as the Congressman’s Senior Legislative Assistant responsible for Franks’ work on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Dan is a member of the University of Colorado Alumni Association (Former Vice President of the local Washington DC chapter) and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni Foundation. Dan and his firm are involved with a number of local charities including Horton’s Kids, Project Northstar and REACH Program. Mr. Gans currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Capital Area REACH Program, which is a local community-service based non-profit organization that provides job training, scholarships, and professional internships to disadvantaged youths. Currently, the Capital Area Reach Program has over 175 students in the Program, places more than 100 students in internships, and provides over $30,000 of scholarships to students in need. Dan and his wife Laura live in Alexandria, Virginia with their daughters Ellie and Maggie.