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LEND360 comes to Washington

By March 20, 2018April 26th, 2018No Comments

LEND360 comes to Washington

As the Trump Administration develops a fintech policy report to be released later this year, a diverse group of LEND360 participants made the trek to Washington DC to meet with the authors of the upcoming report at the U.S. Department of Treasury.

We would like to thank Jesse Silverman of LendUp, Jennifer Lee of Edison Partners, Ryan Brennan of Neat Capital and Scott Griest of Rapid Capital Funding for making the trip to Washington and educating Treasury and Capitol Hill staff on what is going on in the online lending and financial technology industries.

The hour-long meeting with the Department of Treasury provided an opportunity for these innovative fintech companies to provide the Administration with key insights into the barriers to growth and potential policy solution that would allow fintech firms to continue to grow the economy. Topics that were discussed with Treasury included a national charter for financial technology companies, the importance of bank-fintech partnerships and regulatory and policy reforms aimed at modernizing our nation’s financial markets.

In the afternoon, the group visited Capitol Hill for meetings with Congressional Offices and Committee Staff to highlight the important role that fintech firms play in helping their constituents find the loans that best fit their needs. The group discussed how fintech is providing much need access to credit that some communities would not have otherwise, the importance of True Lender/Valid When Made legislation, the support for a national fintech charter and reasonable regulatory reforms that support economic growth.

LEND360 continues to work on the issues that are most affecting the online lending ecosystem. Bringing together the fintech thought-leaders at LEND360 to discuss how to work together as an industry to solve issues like these are paramount in ensuring the permanency of online lending.

Discussing important issues and experiences like these are a big reason why you need to attend LEND360 in October. Join us as we will be exploring these issues, and many more this fall in Chicago. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to shape the future of the online lending industry by having your seat at the table at LEND360.