Tom Burnside is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of LendingPoint. Originally created to provide NearPrime consumers with affordable access to credit that they are often denied, LendingPoint has now expanded to serve folks with credit scores ranging from 580- 850, both online and at the point of sale. Tom brings over 25 years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge to LendingPoint. An accomplished credit and financial services leader as well as a respected data scientist, Tom’s early career focused on using big data to solve needs for the payments industry, including development of models for check clearance at Telecheck, a First Data Company and casino lending at Global Cash Access, a First Data Company. Tom also led Hogan Services data collection aggregation businesses for credit bureau clients. Prior to founding LendingPoint, Tom served as President and COO of CAN Capital. Tom believes that while the mission of LendingPoint is to serve our customers’ financial needs, that mission is only possible through disciplined, data-driven credit and risk management.