Who is Stephen Ibaraki
  1. Multiple Awarded Global Visionary
  2. UN-related and Fortune CEOs Think Tanks Founder
  3. Founding Chairman YPO European Impact Summit Advisory Board
  4. Founder “AI for Good” Global Movement and World’s Largest AI UN SDG Summit
  5. Founder world’s No. 1 CEO “futures summit”, and think tank — CEOs managing trillions in assets
Stephen Ibaraki Chairman and Managing General Partner REDDS Capital. In addition, Stephen is globally unique with Chairman, Founder, Board roles in: Business and startups, successful Entrepreneurship/investments/venture capital, No. 1 global computing Science organizations, No. 1 UN-related innovation programs, No. 1 CEO/industry-organizations/think tanks, No. 1 Summits (acronym BE-SUN-CIS). 300+ annual global engagements impacting USD $100+ Trillion in ESG (environmental, social, governance), sustainable investments for 2020. He is keynote speaker, moderator, producer at more than 100 global CEO and leader events annually. Stephen’s has more than 300 “lifetime and career” achievements and awards for disruptive innovation, futuristic investments, successful entrepreneurship, and global technology leadership, as exemplified by July 2020 IFIP news — 18 global Microsoft Awards including 15 Microsoft MVP Awards — last one awarded in July 1st, 2020. There is more on LinkedIn.