Matthew Wratten has spent the last 17 years in the financial services industry, 12 of which have been in a senior leadership role. His background includes an in-depth knowledge of the fin-tech consumer loan industry, wholesale mortgage sector, and the accounts receivable space. Over the past decade, Matthew has focused his efforts on taking DebtTrader from concept, through creative and technical design and into deployment. In a very short period, DebtTrader has gone from start-up to an industry leader in providing consulting, technology, and compliance. The employees of DebtTrader are proud of their position on the forefront of technological innovation in the space and industry-leading best practices in compliance and vendor management. DebtTrader has committed to crafting the most compliant, competitive, secure, and transparent marketplace for loan portfolio sales. Mr. Wratten has an extensive background in the consumer loan industry, and he is highly regarded in the same space as a leader and technology innovator.