You would think a CEO whose company is considered a technology leader in their industry wouldn’t still rely on a 1980’s era record player to listen to music in his office. Bart Miller not only still rocks with vinyl but has the expansive record collection that would impress any audiophile. Bart Miller appreciates the past but never stops looking toward the future. So, when Bart saw a gap in the market for call center services serving banks, financial services, and other industries, such as healthcare, transportation and government, he didn’t pause for a moment and launched Centrinex in 2005. Never looking back, Centrinex has grown to over 400 employees and still growing. Bart believed that preserving the best of past call center practices and combining them with new technologies and new ways of doing business would propel Centrinex forward – as an innovator and thought leader. Bart was right. Today Centrinex is at the cutting edge of the call center industry, not just in technology but also in data capture, analysis, conversion improvement, processes, and people management. To keep Centrinex in its leading role Bart gets intimately involved all aspects of the business. Ultimately, clients trust that Bart and Centrinex will help them improve their bottom line by increasing conversion rates, lowering acquisition costs and ultimately help improve their portfolios.