Steve Bisbee

President, eOriginal

Stephen F. Bisbee serves as president of eOriginal, Inc., a leading provider of digital transaction management (DTM) solutions. Mr. Bisbee is co-inventor of the eOriginal technologies and oversaw the creation of unique solutions that serve as the foundation for a digital ecosystem for originators, banks, investors, funders, rating agencies, and other key stakeholders.

As a pioneer in DTM and its subset technologies, such as signature, vaulting and transaction services, Mr. Bisbee has testified before Congress, spoken to United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, and met with the Federal Reserve, state legislators, business associations and Fortune 500 companies to share his unique experience and insights into the technological, business and legal applications of moving from paper to digital processes.

Mr. Bisbee began his work in DTM in the 1990s with a small group of innovative legal experts that created the framework for the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act in order to bring coherence and consistency to the laws pertaining to the validity of electronic signatures.

Mr. Bisbee is also a driving force behind the rapidly growing Electronic Signature and Records Association (ESRA), and was honored by ESRA in 2014 with the organization’s first Cornerstone Award.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Xavier University and graduated from the Boston College School of Law, where he became a founding member of the school's business advisory council. ​