Larry Chiavaro

Executive Vice President, First Associates Loan Servicing

Larry Chiavaro is a Principal and the Executive Vice President at First Associates, the fastest growing loan servicer in the country with a $9 billion dollar portfolio under management for various asset classes including marketplace lending, automotive, powersports, and student loans.

His straight-forward approach to market insights and his amicable and engaging presentation style makes Chiavaro a very popular conference speaker.

Chiavaro is a dynamic sales and business development executive with an outstanding 25-year track record of identifying and developing growth financial services markets.

Prior to joining First Associates, he developed the Loan Servicing Business for CSC, managed divisions for NovaStar, HSBC/Household, and GE Capital, working with banks, investment banks, finance companies, and credit unions on a national level.

Chiavaro has strong historical ties to the rating agencies built all over years of experience in the consumer finance industry, and was active in the first marketplace lending securitization for Eaglewood Capital, CAN Capital and Blackrock's securitization for Prosper's loans.

Chiavaro is a graduate of the GE Management Institute and GE Six Sigma program.  He is a former semi-pro ice hockey player and current HS and youth hockey coach.

Speaker/Interview Topics

Securitization in Marketplace Lending

As credit rating agencies, such as Moody’s, become more involved in the marketplace lending securitizations, it becomes critical to structure the transactions in a way to achieve rating agency approval.

The Evolving Consumer Lending Ecosystem

Financial Technology has revolutionized the way that consumers access credit. Gain insights on how loan originators are working with institutional investors, servicers, and technology companies to provide capital to consumers quickly and effi ciently.

Developing Consumer Finance Programs

An insider view of 25 years of the art of designing new programs.