Houman Motaharian

Chief Revenue Officer, LendingPoint

Houman Motaharian is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of LendingPoint, a FinTech balance sheet lender with a vision to revolutionize access to credit for NearPrime customers. The company is creating a better lending environment by using data and technology to look for more reasons to say “yes” — helping consumers with credit scores in the 600-700 range unlock access to affordable loans and live better financial lives.  As CRO, Houman leads risk, product and data strategy for the company with a focus on optimizing revenue and driving growth.

Before joining LendingPoint, Houman spent eight years at American Express, where he served as Head of Global Commercial Lending, Chief Credit Officer for the Small Business Cards Division, and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Growth Risk & Information Management.  An entrepreneur with a passion for aeronautics, he was also the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of DJ Air Group, a low cost start-up airline.